RandM Monster 6000 Puffs (Box Of 10)
RandM Monster 6000 Puffs (Box Of 10)-Mix Fruit
RandM Monster 6000 Puffs (Box Of 10)-Blue Razz Ice
RandM Monster 6000 Puffs (Box Of 10)-Pink Lemonade
RandM Monster 6000 Puffs (Box Of 10)-Mr Blue
RandM Monster 6000 Puffs (Box Of 10)-Peach Passion Fruit Gummy
RandM Monster 6000 Puffs (Box Of 10)-Blueberry Raspberry Ice
RandM Monster 6000 Puffs (Box Of 10)-Strawberry Kiwi Ice
RandM Monster 6000 Puffs (Box Of 10)-Watermelon Ice

RandM Monster 6000 Puffs Box of 10 Disposable Vape

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RandM Monster 6000 Puffs Box of 10 Disposable Vape


RandM Monster 6000 Box of 10 - Stylish Design & Superior Performance

As vapes gain popularity, there is a growing market demand for high-quality vaping devices. A tiny, lightweight device that improves your vaping experience, the RandM Monster 6000 was launched in response to these increasing customer demands. 

With a cylindrical cola-shaped design, the RandM Monster 6000 has a number of features, including an air purifying system, draw activation mechanism, pre-filled liquid tank, the latest mesh coil technology, and a strong, rechargeable 600mAh battery with a type C charging port. This is an excellent option for people who prefer their vapes to be more potent while remaining small and simple to use. 

Introducing the RandM Monster 6000 Box of 10, which guarantees a smooth and continuous vaping experience. Your vaping sessions will be hustle-free because there will always be another vape available when the first is ready to be disposed of. 

RandM Monster 6000 Wholesale in UK

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Specifications of RandM Monster 6000 

  • Puff Capacity: 6000
  • Battery Capacity: 650 mAh built-in capacity
  • Rechargeability: Rechargeable with Type-C port
  • Liquid Strength: 16ml
  • Activation Method: Draw Activated
  • Pod Color: Multi-colored according to style

Features of RandM Monster 6000

Cola Can Shape: In addition to fitting comfortably in your hand, the cola can shape device with its eye-catching colors and patterns is a vape that provides you with a fashionable appearance as you vape. 

Various Flavors: The disposable vape pod is available in a huge range of flavors to fulfill the taste preferences of all vapers. Some of its most popular flavors in RandM Monster 6000 Box of 10 are:

  • Blue Razz Ice
  • Blue Berry Raspberry
  • Blue Berry Grape Ice
  • Mixed Fruit
  • Peach Passionfruit Gummy

Rechargeable Battery: The RandM Monster 6000 Box of 10 has ten rechargeable vape pod devices. You can quickly recharge your vaporizer with the Type-C port charger and carry on having a smooth, uninterrupted vaping experience.

Mesh Coil Technology: The mesh coil technology used in the vape guarantees constant vapor production, denser clouds, and strong hits thanks to an even heat distribution system.

Draw Activated Mechanism: After unpacking, all you need to do to activate this device is take a puff. It's that simple to use. This device has no buttons that need to be pressed. Users can use this vape comfortably and easily thanks to the draw activation mechanism. 

Latest Technology: The latest technologies, like air purifier technology that removes pollutants and dangerous particles, have been included in the RandM Monster, a device that has been carefully developed with vape users' needs in mind. For the highest-quality puffs, the air is filtered out before it reaches the coil.

Furthermore, it stands out from other vaping devices thanks to its stylish and distinctive design, which draws in more customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does the RandM Monster 6000 last?
Having a greater puff count, this amazing device lasts longer, however, this could change depending on how the vaper uses it. The duration of the puffs may be slightly shorter for frequent users than for infrequent users.
Is it available at Ninja Wholesale Vapes?
Yes, RandM Monster 6000 is available at Ninja Wholesale Vapes at wholesale prices all over the UK. 

Can frequent vapers use this device?
Yes, the puff counts of 6000 vapes guarantee high performance and consistent vapor production making it perfect for frequent users.